Getting wellbeing into work

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Recruitment Consultancy & Executive Search for Wellbeing in business

Allen & York, Recruitment Consultancy & Executive Search, are working in partnership with our clients to get wellbeing into work.

Experienced recruitment expertise combined with a mission to keep your organisation's  best resource - your people - well at work.


We can provide immediate wellbeing support (contract staff) and source permanent hires to meet your hiring needs, in terms of skills and experience, and match the right people with your culture. 

Let's work together to get your business well and working better. 

What is Wellbeing at work?

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Wellbeing flows through all aspects of working life. Whether that’s through physical safety, how people feel about the work they undertake, the work environment and surroundings or the culture of the organisation.

Over and above the traditional OSH measures, Wellbeing at work is designed to ensure people are safe, healthy, fulfilled and engaged at work. The five key components of workplace wellbeing are:



Built environment features that might include comfort, temperature & lighting.



Psychological elements that might manifest through stress, rest & mental health issues.



Physical elements such as promoting exercise, nutrition & sleep.



Interactions such as relationships, management & team building.



Finding meaning at work & making a difference.

​Wellbeing is key to an organisation's long-term success. Many studies demonstrate a direct link between an organisation’s productivity and the wellbeing of their staff.


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Recruitment Consultancy



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Allen & York have been at the forefront of recruiting with purpose since we were founded in 1993. Specialising in recruitment & executive search across Environment, Energy, Sustainability, Health, Safety & Wellbeing we're experts in matching great candidates to purposeful companies across the UK and worldwide.

Find out more about Allen &  York by visiting our main site to see our specialisms in action and our live job vacancies.

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We aspire to develop a culture where individuals feel supported and informed to take ownership for their own health and wellbeing so that they can bring the best version of themselves to work, every-day.

Shaun Davis

Global Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability

Royal Mail Group

Wise words

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The only way to promote wellbeing in an organisation is to intentionally tackle culture. A strategy is essential to support organisational development and therefore change culture throughout the organisation.

Becky Aldridge


Dorset Mental Health Forum

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Our people are right at the heart of our business.  They are essential to everything that we do,  so we want to do everything that we can to ensure that they are fit, well, engaged and supported.  

Working in Partnership

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Allen & York are proud to partner with 7Futures to help develop and deliver wellbeing strategies throughout the UK, with industry leading organisations. 7Futures are an award winning wellbeing consultancy working closely with organisations to engage, educate and motivate employees within organisations to help empower individuals to be the best version of themselves, safely and with compassion. Their work helps develop leadership, cultures and interventions which enable people and communities to build residence and flourish in the workplace and beyond. 



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